UHF desktop

SMART Technologies offers for your projects, where UHF technology is needed, a wide range of different UHF readers.

UHF Compact Module 

The UHF Moduleisa tiny Read/Write Multitag devicewhichsupportsallISO18000-6 C Tagsincluding EPCGen2andworksat theUHF860to 925MHz frequencies.


The new UHF USB stick is a small, handy and simple RFID reader for connection to a terminal or laptop via USB.

UHF USB Reader

The new UHF USB reader was developed for the employment at a PC or a notebook. The USB-2.0 interface makes a high-speed data communication possible.

 UHF Long Range Controller

The Vision Long Range Controller UHF  is a 860-960MHz Read / Write device with 4 Antenna Ports for the connection of up to 4 external antennas. The reading distance can be up to 10 meters (at 1W RF power) with SW adjustable RF power of up to 2W (33dBm). This UHF Long Range Controller is based on Impinj R1000 transceiver.