RFID OEM Integration Modules

The RFID potted OEM integration modules are universally applicable in different projects. Due to its plugable construction different technologies can be selected.

Flexible usable with 5V DC

Frequency range: 125 kHz, 13,56 MHz

RFID standards: LEGIC, ISO18092 NFC, Multi ISO14443 A/B, ISO15693, Hitag, EM

Your advantages:

  • Due to ist fully potted housing, almost everywhere usable
  • All RFID Modules are pin-compatible !!!
  • Flexibillity when mounting due to compact dimensions
  • TOP price-performance ratio

Technical specifications:

  • Dimensions: 40x45x9 mm
  • Interface versions: Asynchron seriell (RxD, TxD) RS485-Level, Asynchron seriell (RxD, TxD) RS232-Level, Asynchron seriell (RxD, TxD) TTL-Level or Magstripe Clock/Data (TTL-Level) or Wiegand D0/D1 (TTL-Level)
    • Wiegand ( several bitblock lengths available
    • Clock & Data ( several number of characters available
    • RS232 (9600,4800 or 2400 Bd)
    • TTL (9600,4800 or 2400 Bd)
    • customer specific interfaces available on request
  • Internal antenna for 125 kHz modules, external antenna for 13,56 MHz
  • Read range with standard antenna: (values depending on transponder types, power supply and ambient environment)
    • on 125kHz up to 100 mm
    • on 13,56MHz up to 80 mm
  • Power supply:
    • on Hitag-/ EM modules 5V DC ± 5% or 9...15V DC
    • on Mifare-/ Legic modules 5V DC ± 5%
  • Duplicate read control
  • Temperature range: -20°C bis +60°C
  • Standard antenna supplied with each module
  • Protection rate: IP65 (depending on mounting method)
  • Fully potted housing allows easy installation both in - as outdoor