RFID Integration Modules

The RFID integration modules from SMART Technologies are price-sensivtie RFID read / write modules with different interfaces and integrated antenna and are in the technologies LEGIC advant, LEGIC prime, ISO18092 NFC, Multi ISO ISO14443 A / B & ISO15693, Hitag and EM available.

RFID USB-/RS232 Integration modules

The RFID USB / RS232 built-in modules multiplex of SMART Technologies are price sensitive RFID read / write modules with USB or RS232 connection and are capable of HID (Human Interface Device) !

RFID OEM Integration modules

A compact, fully potted RFID module for perfect integration into existing terminals. 

RFID Integration PCB's in existing housings

Our contactless RFID read or read/write PCB's are developed for easy and universal integration in existing housings. 

RFID Integration module Mini

The RFID Integration module Mini is a universal base plate for integration of our potted modules.

This allows you to create a RFID hardware, which can be mounted inside readily available reader housings. 

RFID Integration module  Trend in 55er switch boxes

Our "Trend" -Setter is an RFID installation module for integration in standard switch box programs such as  developed by Gira. In combination with market standard switch box programs the user provides a wide variety of color and design variants.