ST 500


The ST500 is a compact access control system with reliable techniques. It combines an internal antenna, user memory for up to 500 users, integrated relais to drive the door opener, an input to connect the egress pushbutton and 3 LED's for status indications.


Due to the fully potted housing, the ST500 can be installed both indoors and outdoors, and is sabotage proof.


Technical specifications:

  • Dimensions: 48 mm x 48 mm x 37mm
  • Supported transponder types : 125 kHz EM4x02 transponder
  • User memory for up to  500 persons
  • Power supply : 10,2 - 13,6V DC or 10 - 12V AC
  • 1 relay output ( NO/ COM/ NC )
  • Relay activation time programmable for 1 to 60 seconds or in "Toggle Mode"
  • 1 input for "Request to Exit" button 
  • Adding and deleting tags is done by simple use of a Master Tag 
    • The optional Tag Simulator / Programming Unit (ST500 Tag) allows the programming (adding & deleting) of lost tags
  • Indications: 3 LED's (red/ yellow/ green
  • Protection rate: IP65 (depending on mounting methode)
  • Fully potted housing allows easy installation both in - as outdoor
  • Each user card or key fob has its uniqueidentification number