RFID - Solutions

As a full licensed partner of LEGIC Identsystems AG for many years, SMART Technologies offers an extensive product spectrum of innovative LEGIC solutions for most different applications like for example access control or vending solutions.

Our own software development and hardware manufacturing makes it possible for us to offer our innovative LEGIC solutions at unbeatable prices!!!

LEGIC Modules

Our cost-effective RFID Legic modules are designed for integration into different systems or applications.


The new multifunctional LEGIC NFC-USB Stick from SMART Technologies is a practical alternative for standard desktop readers. (more)

RFID USB Read Systems

The RFID USB readers are cost-effective RFID readers and are available in all common technologies. (more)

Now also with PC/SC interface available !!! (more)

External RFID Readers for AC Solutions

The remote RFID reader systems of SMART Technologies are available in all common RFID technologies. (more)

RFID Locking Systems

Our RFID locking systems have been designed especially for the integration in safes and furniture for example for pharmacists or document closets. (more)